Does AutoZone Take Used Oil – 2023 Guide

Does AutoZone Take Used Oil - 2023 Guide
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It can be challenging to locate a location to dispose of your used oil if you change your own oil at home.

It’s unsafe to throw it down a drain or in the sewer, as it can cause drastic harmful effects on the environment.

Can I bring my used oil to Autozone?

Used motor oil and other delicate recyclables (like batteries) are generally accepted at AutoZone locations. For all the information, get in touch with your welcoming local establishment right away.

How to Collect Used Oil for Recycling

The successful removal of used oil from your car can be accomplished in four simple steps.

  1. Lay a plastic sheet or tarp down beneath your work area to collect the oil. Place a container, such as a drip pan with a spout, on top of your plastic sheet or tarp, just below the engine drain plug. As the oil drains as a result, the container will be able to catch it.
  2. Remember to drain the oil filter as well by making a tiny hole in the top of your filter and letting the oil flow completely into the drip pan. After that, put the used filter in a plastic bag and secure it with a tie to ensure safe handling. You can also recycle your oil filter, so remember to bring it with you when you go to drop off your used oil.
  3. Choose a secure, leak-proof container as you prepare your oil for transport. It is simple and practical to transport used oil using some oil drip pans because they can be sealed. You will need to transfer the oil from the drip pan to another container for easier transport if your drip pan does not have this feature.

When disposing of used oil, it is advised to use either the original oil container, if you still have one, or a container made of polyethylene or another sturdy plastic.

The recycling of motor oil that has been combined with other fluids, such as washer fluid, gasoline, or water, should be noted.

As a result, you must make sure the storage container you select has never been used to store any other fluids.

Use only containers that have not previously held any liquid, such as empty juice cans, milk cartons, or other containers.

As well as paint cans, gasoline containers, and other metal containers, you should avoid using any that have previously held bleach, cleaners, or other automotive fluids like antifreeze.

If you are unable to recycle your used oil right away, keep it in its original container and store it somewhere cool, dry, and away from anything that could disturb it.

What Are Other Used Oil Recycling Options?

Used motor oil is accepted as part of curbside recycling programs in some counties and cities across the nation.

Before recycling your used oil, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations in your county or city.

It is not advisable to simply place your used oil container in your recycling bin.

There are other options if curbside recycling for motor oil is not available in your city.

Finding nearby used oil recycling facilities is made easier with the help of the American Petroleum Institute (API).

They advise you to take your used oil to participating gas stations, auto repair facilities, and quick lubes as many of them accept used oil.

You can also use the Earth911 website to search for local locations that will recycle your used oil by entering your zip code.

This website is excellent for finding local recycling locations for almost anything.

Why Should You Recycle Used Oil?

If you do your own oil changes, it’s vitally important to recycle your used oil responsibly.

Most people are aware of how to recycle plastic or paper, but very few are aware of how and why to recycle motor oil or petroleum.

Someone’s actions could have negative effects if they are unaware of the correct procedures for recycling oil.

The importance of properly disposing of used oil and recycling it is increased by the fact that one gallon of used oil has the potential to contaminate one million gallons of water.

You can contribute to the clean and safe maintenance of our rivers, lakes, streams, beaches, and groundwater by recycling your used motor oil.

The plants and animals that live in or close to those habitats and bodies of water can be harmed or killed by spilling used oil into the gutter or into the storm drain.

Additionally, effective recycling contributes to keeping oil out of our drinking water.

It is morally and responsibly to recycle used oil in order to preserve years of enjoyment of clean water and reduce your carbon footprint.

To put things in perspective, according to AutoZone, “It takes an incredible 42 gallons of crude oil to produce 2.5 quarts of clean, usable motor oil.

However, a gallon of previously used motor oil can be recycled to produce the same volume of clean oil.”

Furthermore, improperly discarding used motor oil is prohibited and may have far-reaching consequences.

Those who choose to flout these laws risk being fined, imprisoned, or forced to pay for any clean-up expenses.

What Does AutoZone Do With Used Oil?

Used oil is collected and transported to processing facilities, where it is filtered, after being dropped off at their locations.

It’s also examined for contamination and separated into different grades.

How and where the oil is distributed, sold, or used is dependent on the grade.

AutoZone recycles its used oil in a few different ways.

The company recycles used oil by using it as industrial fuel for its own delivery trucks, avoiding the need to buy new oil for their fleet of vehicles.

Used oil can also be used as transmission fluid, gear and brake lubricant, and as a lubricant.

Their recycled oil is also used as fuel for power plants and in the construction of asphalt roads and parking lots.

When used to burn for energy, large industrial boilers are able to burn the used oil, creating minimum pollution and making used oil a desirable product for power plants and cement kilns.

For small businesses, specially made space heaters can be powered by small amounts of used oil.

Additionally, used oil can be refined to create a base stock that is then used as lubricating oil.

Because of how efficiently the refining process operates, the finished product frequently has a similar quality to virgin oil.

Recycled motor oil is essentially reusable indefinitely, however it is put to use.

Does AutoZone Take Used Oil - 2023 Guide

What Else Does AutoZone Accept for Recycling?

AutoZone recycles a wide range of materials in addition to used oil, including steel, old car parts, cardboard, plastic, and used automotive batteries.

Unfortunately, used car fluids like transmission fluid, brake fluid, and engine coolant are not currently accepted by AutoZone.

They advise getting in touch with your city or county to learn about suitable disposal procedures for other fluids.

Remove the negative and then the positive battery cables from the vehicle before removing the battery to be recycled.

Lift the battery out after removing the battery hold-down.

Make sure it isn’t cracked or leaking before placing it on a corrosion-resistant surface, like a rubber mat.

Then, just take it to an AutoZone where an associate will either refund your core deposit or issue you a $10 gift card as part of their “It Pays to Recycle” program.

You can be rewarded for recycling your old battery by having your core deposit returned if you return the battery to the store where you originally bought it.

Steel and used auto parts are recycled by AutoZone through sorting and refinement of the components.

Car parts, like engines, transmissions, alternators, and brake calipers, are remanufactured as new car parts and other products.

Some recycled pallets are used by AutoZone as shipping materials or are processed into goods like wood mulch, pet bedding, and wood heating materials.

Other paper products also contain packing materials and cardboard boxes.

AutoZone recently recycled more than 1,000 tons of plastic as part of their plastic recycling program, avoiding the contamination of our rivers, lakes, and oceans with microplastics.

What Other Auto Stores Take Used Oil?

Numerous other auto parts shops and service facilities, besides AutoZone, also accept used oil without charge.

You can take your used oil to Advance Auto Parts, Jiffy Lube, Firestone Complete Auto Care, Napa Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and other nearby auto parts retailers using a similar procedure.

O’Reilly, Firestone, and a few other auto parts retailers recycle used motor oil in addition to transmission fluid, gear oil, hydraulic oil, and power steering fluid.

To make sure additional fluids are accepted for recycling, check with the specific location.


AutoZone recognizes the value of recycling used oil and is contributing to environmental protection.

They are committed to limiting its effect on the environment and helping others who share this commitment.

AutoZone makes it easy for you to recycle your used household oil, motor oil, and any other type of oil by giving you a safe way to dispose of it. We trust that this article has given you more knowledge about how AutoZone uses products made from recycled oil.

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