How To Make Chili Oil( A Complete Guide For Beginners)

chili oil
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Chili oil is perfect for you if you enjoy spicy meals. With this quick and simple method, you can manufacture a basic chili oil at home. Making your own chili oil is a terrific way to add flavor and spice to a variety of dishes, as well as to sauces and vinaigrettes.

This hot sauce is as common in Chinese cuisine as soy sauce, especially in Sichuan-style dishes from the region of Sichuan. Chili oil can be poured over virtually anything or used as a cooking foundation for meats and vegetables in a skillet. It can also be used as a fiery dipping sauce for rolls and dumplings. Chili oil is extremely spicy no matter how it is prepared.

What Is Chili Oil?

In Chinese cooking, chili oil is a common ingredient that gives meals a hot, spicy flavor. Hot vegetable oil is combined with fresh chili peppers and red pepper flakes to create this vivid red oil. The oil absorbs the fiery flavor of the simmering chile. 

Equal in importance to soy sauce and vinegar, chili oil is a household essential in Chinese households. Chili oil is as significant to many Chinese people as ketchup is to Americans. It always appears on the tables of tiny eateries, whether they serve noodles or dumplings. You’ll want to pour it on everything once you get hooked.

Four Ways To Use Chili Oil in Cooking

Despite its Chinese origins, chile oil is a well-liked component of Veracruz-made Mexican salsas, Calabrian-style Italian food, and Korean meals like noodle soup. Although chili oil is widely available in supermarkets and Asian food markets, it is also quite easy to create at home. 

There are numerous methods to cook with chile oil, including:

  1. In the pan. Reduce the serving size and add chile oil when heating up the oil in a pan or wok. Tossing a stir fry in it is the ideal thing to do.
  2. As a marinade. Chicken, pig, or shrimp should be covered in chile oil and chilled for 30 minutes. As the chili flakes roast over the open flames, grilling the meat will impart a smokey taste.
  3. As a condiment. In Chinese restaurants, chili oil is frequently offered as a dipping sauce on the tables. Adding chile oil and soy sauce to spring rolls or dumplings gives an appetizer a sweet and sour flavor. Salsa Macha is a Mexican chile oil that is excellent for dipping tortilla chips in.
  4. Add it to almost anything. Chili oil is the ideal complement to so many unusual meals because of its adaptability. Chili oil’s flavor can be enhanced by adding different herbs and spices, Sichuan peppercorns, peanuts, or other ingredients when making it. It is excellent poured over roasted sweet potatoes or warm baguettes, added to scrambled eggs as a topping or used to add a little heat to a cool cucumber salad.

How To Make Chili Oil – The Recipe

  1. First, gather up the following ingredients: 
  • 1 cup canola oil – or any neutral oil such as peanut oil, though yes, you can use Olive Oil
  • 3 tablespoons crushed dried peppers
  • Dash of salt if desired
  1. Next, add the salt (if using), dried peppers, and oil to a small pot and stir. For about 5 minutes, cook at medium-low heat while stirring often.
  2. Keep the oil from smoking. Remove it from the heat if it starts to smoke to lower the temperature. The oil should be gently simmered rather than brought to a boil in order to fully permeate the peppers’ tastes.
  3. Remove from heat after five minutes, then allow to cool to room temperature. To add even more flavor, boil the food for longer. It should be put into a container and sealed. If you want to, you can strain it. 
  4. BOOM! Done! How simple is that? You’ll soon be creating your own chile oils to drizzle over everything.
  5. Refrigerate and then enjoy it.

The Key To Making Homemade Chili Oil

The key to making proper chili oils is to prevent the oil from getting too hot, which can burn your peppers and other ingredients. 

If your oil begins to smoke, then it is too hot and you’ll need to reduce your overall temperature. Remove it from the heat source immediately and allow it to cool.

Recipes And Serving Suggestions For Chili Oil

The resulting chile oil can be used as a condiment or added to many different recipes, including stir-fries, noodles, sauces, drizzles, and more. You have two options: filter the oil and serve just the oil, or retain the peppers in the oil and serve it that way.

The “sludge” is made up of dried peppers that ultimately settle to the bottom of the oil and can be used on their own in a variety of dishes. Some chile oils that I’ve observed with a thick sludge on the bottom can be used in recipes by themselves. Very excellent!

It can be used for cooking in the same ways as other oils, like olive oil.

How to use chili oil

  • Make authentic Sichuan food: Mapo Tofu, Sichuan Spicy Wonton in Red Oil, Sichuan Sliced Beef in Chili Sauce (Fu Qi Fei Pian), Bang Bang Chicken
  • Drizzle on soup to make them taste better immediately: Wonton Soup, Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup, 15-Minute Curry Ramen with Leftover Ham
  • Make a simple cold dish taste irresistible: Real Deal Sesame Noodles, Cucumber Salad
  • Use it on congee and oatmeal: 5-Ingredient Savory Oatmeal (Chinese-Style)
  • Use it on your roast veggies to add tons of flavor (extremely helpful if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet)


What Are Some Uses For Chinese Chili Oil?

You may add this hot sauce to anything you choose, including noodles, rice, meat, vegetables, and dumplings. If I want my stir fries to have a little spice, I’ll add it to them, or I’ll put it in a bowl of hot, soupy noodles! 

What Are Some Uses For Chinese Chili Oil?

You may add this hot sauce to anything you choose, including noodles, rice, meat, vegetables, and dumplings. If I want my stir fries to have a little spice, I’ll add it to them, or I’ll put it in a bowl of hot, soupy noodles! 

What Is The Duration Of Chinese Chili Oil?

In an airtight mason jar stored in the refrigerator, my homemade authentic Chinese chile oil will keep for around 5 to 6 months.

Do You Need To Refrigerate Chili Oil?

Yes, refrigeration is necessary to keep bacteria from growing since our version contains garlic.

Red Chile Entires Or Dried Flakes?

For this recipe, I’m using whole dry red chilies. However, if you can find dried Sichuan red chili flakes, choose this choice for convenience’s sake. The procedure will go considerably more quickly.

Just be certain that it is Sichuan dried chili flakes and not the standard dried red pepper flakes that are typically purchased in a Western grocery store. 

Which Stores Sell Dried Red Chillies?

They ought to be available at your local Asian market. Sichuan red chili flakes can be used as a substitute if you can’t find them.

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