How to Use Cannabis Oil – Can You Mix It with Water?

9. How to Use Cannabis Oil1
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One of the permitted ways to consume medical marijuana is through cannabis oil. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to use the oil to make baked goods, infuse recipes for drinks, or simply take it sublingually (under the tongue).

With a long list of advantages, it’s a fantastic way to consume cannabis and a good choice if you’re new to medical marijuana or don’t like the idea of inhalation. We are here to assist you if you need assistance understanding how to use cannabis oil, which can initially seem a little challenging. You can learn the fundamentals of using cannabis oil from this article and put it to use for yourself.

What is Cannabis Oil?

By extracting cannabinoids from cannabis plants, such as THC and CBD, cannabis oils are concentrates that are then infused into edible products. Most oils you find at a dispensary are created by a process called “chemical extraction.” These procedures add cannabinoids and other advantageous substances like terpenes and flavonoids to carriers like hemp oil or MCT oil using a solvent to extract cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds.

While there are numerous ways to extract oil from a cannabis plant, some are safer and more efficient than others. Because it yields a safe and effective product free of toxic residues like waxes, chlorophyll, and other byproducts of other solvents, CO2 extraction is quickly rising to the top as the industry standard.

9. How to Use Cannabis Oil2

How to Use Cannabis Oil

Picking a cannabis consumption method comes down to personal preference. While cannabis oil doesn’t work as quickly as inhalation techniques like vaping or smoking, it sometimes works faster than eating edibles. Additionally, it is available in a range of potencies, from oils that only contain CBD to those with various THC concentrations.

The best way to use cannabis oil is sublingually, where it is applied with a dropper under the tongue and absorbed by the mucous membranes that directly enter the bloodstream. This technique allows it to avoid the stomach, which increases bioavailability (the number of cannabinoids that reach your bloodstream when your body absorbs the medication) and takes between 15 and 30 minutes to take effect.

Additionally, you can use cannabis oil by mixing it with food and beverages, just like you would an edible or a capsule. Although this method is efficient, the bioavailability of anything you ingest is typically lower, which means the cannabinoids won’t be absorbed as thoroughly because they must pass through the stomach and the liver. According to factors like what you’ve eaten and your metabolism’s rate, ingesting cannabis oil can take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes to take effect.

  1. Under the tongue
    The most common way to consume cannabis oil is sublingually, where it is absorbed by the mucous membrane under the tongue and eventually enters the bloodstream. Due to the high vascularity of the cheeks and gums, sublingual medications can enter the bloodstream more quickly and with higher concentrations than pills or other forms of medication. A few benefits of sublingual marijuana include:
    • No smell associated with it
    • Very convenient
    • The concentrations of important cannabinoids can be very high, meaning that only a small amount is necessary to get the desired effects
  2. Orally
    Additionally, cannabis oil can be taken directly by mouth. You can also swallow the drops right away in place of holding them under your tongue. It’s interesting to note that taking the medication orally as opposed to sublingually alters how it is metabolized. In fact, it alters how cannabis affects your body, making it more like an edible or a capsule and delaying the onset and lengthening the duration. Try the 2 approaches out to see which one best suits your condition.
  3. Smoothies
    Cannabis oil is also frequently consumed by adding it to smoothies. Due to the fact that they both contain the chemical myrcene, cannabis oil and mango blend extremely well. Simply incorporate a few drops of your preferred smoothie recipe with some cannabis oil and consume.
  4. Tea
    Cannabis tea is gaining popularity. Some teas contain various amino acids and other balancing substances that are present in essential oils and can serve as stress relievers. You can get a “double-dose” of peace and calm by putting a few drops of cannabis oil in your tea.
  5. Baking
    It’s traditional to consume cannabis by putting cannabis oil in baked goods. When using this plant extract, there is little to no taste of cannabis in your baked goods. When using cannabis oil to bake or prepare food, it’s important to keep the dish’s temperature in mind. THC will be burned in cannabis oil when heated to temperatures higher than 245 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Cooking
    You can easily add THC to your food by mixing cannabis oil with other cooking oils like coconut, canola, or olive oil. A few ideas include
    • Saute vegetables
    • Marinate meat
    • Roast potatoes or vegetables
    • Dressing for a salad

Dosing Cannabis Oil

The dosage depends on the user, just like with any cannabis product. It will take a bit of experimentation to find the right dose for you, but the general rule of thumb is “start low and go slow.” Finding the lowest dose that produces the desired effects is important, and this dose may be different from what is suggested on the product label.

Start with a few drops and observe your reactions after waiting at least an hour. Once you start to feel the desired effects, gradually increase the dose. Keep in mind that more isn’t always better and there could be a tiny dosage window or “sweet spot” that works best for you. Although you may need to change your dosage over time, many people discover that a constant dose can meet their needs in the long run.

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