Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe For Dogs – Risks You Should Know

Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Risks You Should Know
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Many people use essential oils in their homes and on their own bodies to treat illnesses and health issues. Are they also safe to use on dogs? you might be wondering.

Dogs should never consume any amount of lemon essential oil. The lemon essential oil contains d-limonene and linalool, two compounds that can harm or even kill the liver.

Read on to find out more about how lemon essential oil can affect your dog’s health if you use it and are unsure if you can use it on or around your dog.

Lemon Essential Oil and Dogs – What to Know

Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Risks You Should Know

Linalool and d-limonene, two components of lemon essential oil that have insecticidal properties, are found in citrus oils in general. Dogs’ livers and gastrointestinal tracts may be harmed if they consume it.

Lemon Essential Oil Uses

Lemon essential oil has many uses. It is frequently added to beverages to enhance flavor or to cleaning products to add a fresh scent.

It can be included in infusers to disperse the scent and oil throughout the house, and some people use it to treat skin conditions.

Treatments for fleas and ticks can also include lemon essential oil. In most cases, the essential oil is diluted to make it less potent.

Lemon Essential Oil: Benefits To The Skin | Purodem

Is Lemon Essential Oil Toxic to Dogs?

Dogs may be poisoned by the components in lemon essential oil. Both linalool and d-limonene can harm the liver and even cause it to fail.

If applied to the skin, it can also result in skin rashes and digestive problems.

Risks of Using Lemon Essential Oil on Dogs

Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Risks You Should Know

Despite the fact that lemon essential oil is toxic to dogs if consumed, some pet owners still use it topically in cleaning products or even infuse it around their dogs.

If you are going to use lemon essential oil, make sure you are aware of these risks:

  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation
  • Vomiting
  • Liver disease
  • Nose irritation

Is There a Safe Way to Use Lemon Essential Oil on Dogs?

Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Risks You Should Know

There is no 100% risk-free method of using lemon essential oils on dogs. If you insist on using it, make sure to dilute it and use very little of it.

Your dog is more likely to get sick or experience negative effects the more you use and the stronger the concentration.

Safe and Healthy Alternatives

Use Other Essential Oils

The best essential oil for dogs is lavender because it is non-toxic and has calming properties for their anxiety, skin, and mental state. Be cautious not to apply it directly, and gently mist it around the day. Similarly, chamomile and peppermint essential oils energize your dog, reduce inflammation, and relieve stress. They’re much better alternatives compared to lemon essential oils.

Be Gentle

Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Risks You Should Know

Be patient and let your dog decide whether or not they prefer an essential oil when introducing it to them. Open the bottle to introduce them to a new oil and allow them to smell it from a minimum of two feet away.

If your dog likes it, they may lick their lips or try getting a better whiff. Do not use the oil again if your dog withdraws from the bottle, stays away from you for a long time after smelling it, or becomes excessively sleepy.

Use Diffusers Responsibly

Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Risks You Should Know

Don’t turn on a diffuser for long periods of time, no matter what essential oil you are using. Use a diffuser to use an oil like tea tree or clove in a room where your dog cannot access it, and turn it off after a while.

Keep essential oils out of your dog’s reach, as doing so could result in them accidentally ingesting some, which could cause a variety of health issues.


Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Risks You Should Know

To sum up, dogs can safely use lemon essential oil. Due to how delicate these areas are, you should take care to avoid using them around your dog’s eyes, ears, nose, or even genitalia.

f you notice any discomfort or irritation on your dog, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention. You should check your dog’s health with a veterinarian before using any essential oils because some dogs may react allergicly to them.


Is Citrus Essential Oil Safe for Dogs?

Are dogs able to use citrus essential oil?
Dogs can become ill from some essential oils. This includes the essential oils of ylang ylang, wintergreen, pennyroyal, tea tree (melaleuca), pennyroyal, peppermint, pine, and sweet birch. These oils should not be applied topically or consumed orally.

Is Lemon Safe for Dogs to Breathe?

Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) and lemon (Citrus limon) trees both produce psoralens, which are phototoxic compounds, along with linalool and limonene. These substances may be toxic to dogs in large doses even though they are safe for humans. Defend both yourself and your animal.

Can I Use Essential Oils With My Dog in the Room?

Avoid diffusing essential oils near animals, especially dogs and cats. Microdroplets of essential oils may condense on your pet’s fur in addition to inhaling potentially toxic essential oil exposure. Once your pet grooms or licks itself, this exposure could result in dermal absorption or eventual ingestion.

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