Is Oil & Gas Production A Good Career Path & Choice?

27. Is Oil & Gas Production A Good Career Path1
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Is oil & gas production a good career path for you if you have tied your laces in order to get your foot in the door of the oil and gas industry?

The best thing that could happen to you right now and in the future is to find work, and getting a job in the oil and gas industry is that.

Why Work In The Oil & Gas Industry?

Let’s start with the most traditional query. Why bother with an industry that is already a major target of vitriol, is projected to massively shrink in the near future? Additionally, even if it still had a promising future, the field isn’t the best. It’s dirty work.

Working on an oil rig isn’t particularly enjoyable due to the long hours. You will spend months away from home and work in some of the most inhospitable (and hazardous) locations on the planet. Even if nothing strange occurs to you, you will spend the entire day breathing dangerous chemicals.

Why Should You Choose The Oil And Gas Industry?

With its many opportunities for growth, the oil and gas sector is a rapidly expanding industry. Furthermore, it will undoubtedly continue to play a significant role in our economy for many years to come. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a career in this exciting industry:


Particularly specialized skills in this field are possible to acquire, including petroleum economics, management of oil and gas exploration, refinery management, and operational material management. These are merely a few illustrations. The ability to analyze, communicate, and manage information will all improve, though.


As you progress along this career path, you will have the chance to frequently receive training on cutting-edge equipment because technology is crucial to this industry’s economy. Your efforts to preserve and increase the value of your skills will greatly aid your professional advancement.


There are many opportunities for ongoing learning in careers in the oil and gas sector. It is reasonable to expect that as you stay employed in this field, your professional capabilities will advance as new developments in technology and practices are constantly being made.


Due to a variety of factors, including the level of education required for employment in this field, the average salaries in this industry are significantly higher than the national average. The possibility of remote working locations will, however, become more alluring to employees thanks to additional incentives, such as tempting cash bonuses.

Are There Good Career Options In Oil And Gas Production?

Professionally and personally, working in the oil and gas industry can be very rewarding. Due to ongoing developments, it is expanding quickly, so you should keep an eye on the most recent trends that are emerging.

Due to the size of the oil and gas industry, there are numerous disciplines to choose from, including energy engineers, traders, and oil and gas jobs in transmission, refining, and distribution. Make sure to conduct thorough research on how to become an energy trader or engineer in order to comprehend the roles that are available, which one interests you the most, and what abilities and credentials are required to hold that position.

Many businesses host networking events, which are excellent opportunities for recent graduates and students to network with industry experts and make contacts they can use to advance their careers.

The Cons Of Working In This Industry

The oil and gas industry also has drawbacks. In actuality, this is the case for the majority of people, which explains why there is a lack of workers in the industry. Here are the main cons:

  • Instability: We have already mentioned how unstable the production of oil and gas is. It can be challenging for businesses to make long-term plans when prices for these commodities are constantly fluctuating. Job loss is a common consequence of this instability. Oil and gas companies hire fewer people as soon as prices fall. This could suddenly result in you losing your job, and if you don’t have any connections, it might be very challenging to find employment in this field.
  • Challenging work: The actual work is very difficult. You’ll be working a lot of hours in challenging and hazardous circumstances, as we already mentioned. It can be challenging to adjust if you are not used to this type of work. Additionally, you’ll be gone for months, which can be difficult on your personal life.
  • Health hazards: The health risks of working in this field are another significant drawback. You’ll come into contact with dangerous chemicals, which may cause respiratory issues or other health problems.
  • Environmentally unfriendly: The oil and gas sector is not particularly eco-friendly. This may not be the industry for you if you’re concerned about climate change. If you work in this field, you will undoubtedly be directly contributing to the issue. Governments also have the power to make you unemployed by having you sign a document. Not at all appealing.
27. Is Oil & Gas Production A Good Career Path2

The Future Of The Oil & Gas Industry

Entering the oil and gas industry sounds risky. Since the beginning of time, we have become more concerned about the climate. Thus, the oil and gas sector is in decline. In favor of renewable energy sources, we are gradually moving away from fossil fuels.

Is it a good idea to enter this field now, given the ambiguity surrounding its future? It varies, is the correct response.

The oil and gas sector is a good choice if you’re looking for a well-paying job with a secure job future. For instance, even as the industry declines, demand for jobs like petroleum engineer and rotary drill operator will likely never go away. Oil & gas can be changed to mining at any time. The extraction of resources from the earth will never end.

If you’re just looking for a short-term job to earn some money and then move on, getting into this industry makes sense in that circumstance as well. The oil and gas industry is a good option to consider, for instance, if you are just out of college and searching for a job that will enable you to pay off your student loans. Just be aware that the industry is unstable and that you’ll need to have a plan for what you want to do after that.

Important Things To Consider In The Oil And Gas Industry

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety has always been the main concern of the oil and gas sector. Due to lax safety procedures and uncertain worker safety, many people did not choose careers in the oil industry.

The industry has recently prioritized workplace safety and implemented new safety protocols. Employees in the natural gas and oil industries now experience injuries and illnesses at significantly lower rates thanks to a high level of commitment to new protocols and industry best practices.

For anyone considering a career in the oil and gas industry, the updated safety standards are a welcome change.

Working Conditions

Working in extreme, difficult conditions is a possibility in the oil and gas industry, as is sitting in a furnished, air-conditioned office.

The location and job position determine the working conditions in the oil and gas sector. The most difficult working conditions are found, for example, on offshore rigs.

This is a crucial fact that you should be aware of. Because some people enjoy taking on a challenge and moving forward, while others avoid working hard in difficult circumstances


People looking for a high-paying job with good job security should consider the oil and gas industry. But because it’s a volatile industry, you might want to look elsewhere if you’re just looking for a long-term career. Even as we shift to renewable energy sources, the oil and gas industry is likely to continue to play a part in our daily lives. But by the time we get there, there probably won’t be enough of a demand for workers to make entering the field worthwhile.

The decision to enter the oil and gas industry is one that only you can make. Take into account your objectives and professional aspirations. Go for it if the oil and gas industry fits with your objectives. Remember to always have a backup plan and be aware of the risks.

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