How To Reset The Oil Life On a Honda Civic – Easy Ways

How To Reset The Oil Life On a Honda Civic1
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You might notice that your Honda Civic’s oil light is still flashing while returning to Watford City from an oil change. An oil warning is not a cause for concern if you know your oil reservoir has just been refilled with new oil; instead, it just means you need to figure out how to reset the oil life light on your Honda Civic. We’ll go over a few easy steps to reset a Honda Civic oil light below. Call the Ryan Honda service center to speak with a Honda technology expert if you have any questions about any step in the procedure.

What Is Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic has a useful feature that lets you know how long your oil will last before it is absolutely necessary to change it. It has become a mainstay for many Salem drivers. Your Honda Civic’s oil life indicator should read 100% after you’ve changed the oil, and the oil light (a tiny orange wrench) should be gone. To make sure you don’t forget to change your oil, you will need to reset it if you can still see the tiny wrench or if the oil life indicator is at a low percentage. When you bring your Honda in for service, the knowledgeable service staff at Dover Honda of Dover will always reset the oil life for you. But if you’re in this situation because you had your oil changed somewhere else, don’t be alarmed. The procedure for resetting the oil life on a Honda Civic is detailed below.

What Factors Affect The Oil Life Of My Civic?

The oil life in your Civic can be affected by a variety of variables. These variables include the number of miles and hours you drive, the temperature and load of your engine, and the speed at which you travel the roads in and near Johnson City. While the oil light on your Honda Civic can help to let you know when the oil level is low, it’s always a good idea to check the oil level yourself on a regular basis. It is a fairly simple procedure that can assist you in identifying potential issues before they escalate.

The Honda Maintenance Minder™ System may have detected a low oil level in your Honda Civic if the oil light illuminates before your scheduled oil change. This could be a sign that the oil is degrading more quickly than anticipated. It is crucial that you make an appointment at our service center close to Asheville as soon as possible in this situation.

How To Reset The Oil Life On a Honda Civic

How To Reset Oil Life On A Newer Honda Civic

A system for monitoring engine oil life is included in newer Honda Civic models produced after 2005. When it’s time to change the oil in your Civic, this system will alert you. The Civic’s oil status indicator needs to be reset after being changed. In most cases, your dealer will reset the indicator for you; however, you can reset it yourself without tools at home.

The process for turning off the Honda Civic oil light differs slightly depending on the vehicle’s model year. Follow these steps:

  1. Use the ignition button to turn on the car’s power without turning on the engine
  2. Press the Menu button (the button with the little “i” on it on the left side of the steering wheel) twice
  3. Press “Enter” and hold until you see the maintenance screen
  4. Scroll through the onscreen choices until you see the oil life option (usually “Item A”)
  5. Press and hold “Enter” until the oil life has reset to 100%

Your oil life indicator should go back to 100% after you complete this. If your indicator continues to malfunction, or if you experience burning smells, odd noises, or rough handling while driving, you might need to make another trip to the shop. It’s best to have them checked out by a professional because these things could be signs of a leak or another problem with your system.

For Models With Driver Information Interface

When you reach Maintenance Minder, if your model has this interface, scroll down. Next, scroll through the maintenance options until you find the one you want to reset, and hold the Enter button down for up to 10 seconds.

For Models With Display Audio

Choose Settings from the Home screen, then select the Maintenance Info option. Pick the items from the list you want to reset after clicking Reset Items.

For Models With the Information Display

Once the engine oil life option appears, you must continue to hold down the TRIP knob from the instrument panel until the display begins to blink. After that, turn the knob for a short while to reset the display to its maximum brightness.

For Older Models

Turning the ignition to the first position without starting the engine is advised for models manufactured between 2007 and 2017. Once Engine Oil Life is displayed, press the Trip stem to toggle it, then hold it still for 10 seconds until the display begins to blink. Hold the stem for an additional five seconds to complete the oil life reset.

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